¿What is RITAM?

The main purpose of scientific research is to generate new knowledge, and for its application to contribute to the breakthrough of humankind. From Academia, scientific research propels the development of new resources, techniques, systems and sets of tools that help improve those processes that enhance society. To accomplish such goals, it becomes necessary for Higher Education Institutions to join efforts; this has given rise to the Technological Research and Musical Arts Network (RITAM, by its acronym in Spanish). 

The RITAM Network is aimed at promoting, fostering, and furthering technological research as well as musical arts in Ecuador and around the Globe. It has been registered under the Secretariat of Higher Education (SENESCYT by its initials in Spanish) since 2018, and it has prevailed thanks to the aim of Higher Education Institutions and Public Conservatories of Music for disclosing academic projects entailing research, as well as the results of entrepreneurial initiatives, products and services, and for sharing experiences in terms of Community Development, which link both the Academia and socio-productive sectors. 

RITAM conducts research and studies related to fields such as: Health and Wellbeing, Education, Conservation, Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Musical Arts, Management and Accounting, Agriculture and Livestock, Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Energy and Materials, Industrial Development, inclusive Societies and Territories, and Information & Communication Technologies, fueled by new technological tendencies which in turn, are meant to unfold different research processes.

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